Our Story

Dear Guest, 

Growing up in St. John’s Newfoundland I was always fascinated by the old homes throughout the city.  I wondered how they were built and curious to see and learn of the craftsmanship, décor and grandeur and what life was once like been behind those front doors.  It was then that I started dreaming of one day owning one of these amazing homes and sharing it’s uniqueness with others through operating a Bed and Breakfast.  

Like so many people on the east coast of Canada, I found myself moving away for work opportunities.  My story was that I moved to Ontario and stayed there for over 20 years.  I met my husband and soul mate Larry who was also from the east coast.  I experienced a great family life with three amazing step boys, incredible friends and a fantastic career but always wanted to someday come back to “home”. Recently the company I worked for went through reorganization and I found myself making some big decisions in life.  Over the years my Bed and Breakfast dream also became Larry’s dream so we decide to take a leap of faith and start our own business and to share our dream and vision with others.  

Our home is called Down East Comfort as we want you to experience some good ol’ Down East hospitality when you stay with us.  We have designed and themed all our rooms and breakfast options to be based on Canadian East coast provinces.  When we open in the summer of 2020 we will have a New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island room with future expansion plans to add a Newfoundland and Labrador suite.  Since we both have strong family connections to all these eastern provinces this seemed the right direction to take our business vision to share with others.

I hope you can someday visit and experience a piece of our dream on the other side of our front door.

Till we someday meet, 


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